Ethernet in the
first mile

1 to 1 uncontended synchronous copper based circuit of up to 20mb/s depending on distance from the exchange.

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Ethernet Access

1 to 1 uncontended synchronous FTTC based product with speeds of up to 20mb/s depending on distance from street cabinet.

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Leased Lines

1 to 1 uncontended synchronous fibre based circuit from 10 mb/s to 1000 mb/s. Direct to the internet or between 2 locations.

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What do you get?

Managed Cisco Router (leased lines only)

A couple of weeks before your go live date we will ship a pre-configured Cisco router (normally a 1941) to you. This includes an ADSL WIC (ADSL Modem/Router Card) and all the cables needed to connect it to your network. This router remains the property of M247 during the length of the contract and is fully supported and managed during this period. Options to own the equipment are also available.

Site Survey

This will highlight any possible excess construction charges that may be incurred getting the fibre to your building. If you are not happy with these charges, you have the right to cancel the contract. We cover the fee that BT charges us for this, even if you choose not to go ahead.

Service Level Agreement

As you can imagine, we want to make sure we deliver you the best service that we can. If there is a fault, we offer highly competitive SLAs which are confirmed within your contract. Obviously we are reliant on BT and the other physical cable providers that we use, but we will always keep you informed of progress. We are open 24/7 so you don’t need to worry about having difficulty in getting hold of us.

PSTN Line & Broadband backup (leased lines only)

As part of our offering we provide an ADSL failover service. This is not a stand-alone broadband connection that needs to be switched over to in case of failure. It is a fully automated system. We even route all of your IPs across the connection and it works exactly like your Ethernet circuit, just a little slower, but it fills the few hour gap while we are fixing the fault.

We cover the cost of the phone line install for this service, the line rental and the broadband service, so there are no extra charges or connections to keep track of. (applies to standard installs, for more complex installs we will talk with you further regarding the options available)

IP Address Allocation

As standard we provide 8 IPs for your external network. 5 of these are usable, as we have to assign the other 3 to our network and routers. If you think you need more, that is just fine, just let us know how many and what they will be used for. We should be able to allocate up to 16 without too many problems.

Optional Extras

SonicWALL Firewall

Advanced firewalling (Application and Control) with content filtering.

What is included?

  • Complete control over the appliance
  • Full 24/7 UK email and telephone support and warranty
  • Fully loaded firewall with all services installed and running, giving 
full network protection in the following areas -
    • Content Filtering
    • Gateway Anti Virus
    • Application and Control
    • Intrusion Prevention Service
    • Gateway Anti Spyware
  • Weekly Email PDF Management reports

Failover - By providing 2 hardware firewalls linked together Active/Passive failover can be achieved. This cost includes the Primary Unit, the Secondary Unit and all licensing.

Prices for firewalling on application

Technical Support

24/7 support on support@m247.com
or call on 0161 615 1270

Customer Feedback

"The business world is a tough world but what’s made it a bit easier for us recently is being fortunate enough to deal with M247”

Martyn Bennett - Creative Marketing Group