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VPS / Cloud Infrastructure

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M247 Cloud infrastructure is the revolutionary cloud hosting service providing access to on-demand storage, processing and bandwidth.

The infinitely scalable VPS infrastructure provides a stable platform on which for customers to build their web applications. All a M247 customer has to do is choose the resources they need with the online configuration tool, to see just how cost effective the service can be.

Cloud hosting provides complete control to the client, with remote access allowing full administrative access to their virtual machines. M247's in-house development team have created an industry leading management system, with new features being added almost on a daily basis. This is a powerful tool providing VM creation tools, bandwidth graphing, console access and many other advanced features.

M247 have invested heavily in the infrastructure to ensure rock solid stability is at the heart of the service. There is no single point of failure in the infrastructure along with enterprise grade Dell Equallogic SANs for virtual machine data storage. This results in maximum availability and high performance.

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