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Q:How does it work?

A:Customer Property (Business/Domestic) to the Customer Router, to the BT Provided termination box, to the BT Street Cabinet, to the Local BT enabled Exchange, To The M247 Network

Q:Do the prices include VAT?

A:They all exclude VAT, but we have shown the VAT inclusive price to help as well.

Q:What are the Contract Legnths?

A:The business contracts are 12 months.

Q:What Bandwidth do I get?

A:With each package you get an allocation of bandwidth. During the course of the month you will emailed each week letting you know how you are doing on your bandwidth usage. If you get to your limit we email you and at the same time bill you for a further 5GB container. We bill this at 65p + Vat per GB and unused allocations can be used in further months.

Q:What affects my speed?

A:Your upload and download speed are related to the distance your property is from your local FTTC enabled street cabinet.

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