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A Strong Network

Our network spans Europe and it can be relied on! Our broadband network is spread across two physical locations in London and each can operate fully without the other. Each location has redundant equipment and can withstand individual failures with no loss of service. In the event of a major network event, connections will automatically migrate to the resilient site within a few seconds.

We Choose The Best

We provide from a wide range of suppliers and always make the choice which to use based on your local, distance from the local exchange and the options available. We currently partner with BT, Cable & Wireless, TalkTalk Business and O2/BE.

We operate 24 hours a day

M247 Ltd maintain a full complement of staff 24/7. Running a European network and housing thousands of servers for customers in every time zone, benefits our customers as they get access to technical support, no matter what time of the day you call.

A User Friendly Control Panel

So many control panels are written by technical people, who just expect you to work out where to click and what menu options to use. We have carefully developed our systems over the last few years, with the customer in mind. Having been both a customer and a reseller before growing to provide services ourselves, we know what we would expect, we believe we offer that!

We Don't Oversell

Price isn’t everything. We know we are competitive, but our network is not contended. We don’t “shape” your internet traffic – you know, the thing where we, as the provider, may choose that your web surfing is less important than another customers, so we make it go a little slower to give them preference. We just don’t do that. Every customer has the same priority and you can use all you pay for.

We Offer Content Filtering

You don’t think it is relevant for you, just have a read of the news. We can offer centrally managed content filtering that is enforced on your connection. A great offering for businesses wanting to control web access during the working day, or home users wanting to protect their family. We have customers from Home Users to Leisure Centre’s, Schools and Charities using this effective product.

We are already supporting IPv6

People are talking about it, we are already providing it, probably enough said!

Technical Support

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Customer Feedback

"I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending M247 for their prompt and professional customer support and competitive pricing.”

Steve Durkin - Online Merchants