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Buy Online

For which you get:

  • A fast internet connection
  • You have straight raw, IPv4 or IPv6 access to the internet
  • You get a single IP address
  • Access to our support team 24/7
  • ADSL Uploads of up to 2.5Mb/s depending on package, distance and equipment in the local exchange

Setup Costs

  • ADSL Migration - FREE
  • ADSL Activation – £30 + VAT
    (if contract is cancelled within 12 months a £25 cease charge is levied)

Optional extras

Wireless Router

We can provide a wireless router pre-configured, ready to work with your connection. The cost is a one off £41.66 + VAT.

Enforced Content Filtering

Wanting to add central content filtering to your connections? We provide this service as an Opt-In and is free of charge.

Additional IP Addresses

On packages where only a single IP Address is available or you want to add an additional 8 IP addresses to take you to 16 you can purchase an 8 IP Address upgrade at a one off cost of £50 + VAT and a monthly fee of £1 per IP

Order Expedite

If you have an urgent need for a new ADSL circuit to be activated, then you can choose to have this expedited for a cost of £150 + VAT. This should reduce the activation time to around 48 – 72 hours.

*Broadband Fair Use Policy (FUP)

Our Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is based on users getting a fair and reasonable usage for the amount they pay and the costs to provide that service. ISPs such as ourselves pay per Megabit of bandwidth (Anything between £50-200/Mbit per month) and we have to commit to a certain pipe size and pay for that usage whether we use it or not. It does allow for some bursting but the price of burst is always much higher. As such, if a broadband subscriber was to use a 20Mbit circuit 24x7 the cost to us would be roughly £1000/month (or more if its in burst or 20CN usage). No ISP could run if users could do this all the time and only pay £5-20/month towards the costs. As such, it is obviously necessary for us to control the network and make sure that users get a fair share of the pipe depending on the package they are on.

If you are on an Unlimited package this means there is no risk of overage bills. It does, however, mean when the pipe is full the speed of the line may slow down as you will be sharing a set amount of capacity with other unlimited users.

If a user downloads a disproportionate amount to other users (ie, abusing the fair usage policy) we may be forced to put in place specific speed restrictions for that user in order to maintain the quality of our service for other users.

Technical Support

24/7 support on
or call on 0161 615 1270

Customer Feedback

"The business world is a tough world but what’s made it a bit easier for us recently is being fortunate enough to deal with M247”

Martyn Bennett - Creative Marketing Group