M247 Maintain Datacentre Power Pricing for Sixth Consecutive Year

Energy consumption is a major running cost of any datacentre. In the energy-hungry datacentre colocation industry it’s commonplace for operators to include flexibility in their agreements with customers, meaning they can pass on increases in wholesale energy costs to datacentre tenants. In some situations the underlying wholesale electricity costs can account for over 70 percent of the cost of delivering the service, which predictably creates volatility and uncertainty for customers.

Given the instability in global energy markets over recent years, M247 is delighted to have been able to fix colocation customer energy prices for six consecutive years – until 2016. Many of our competitors have passed on significant power price rises to their datacentre customers over recent times but we have been able to maintain a clear, predictable cost structure for all our datacentre tenants.

Our ability to maintain stable energy pricing for our customers over such a long period of time is not only a result of years of energy procurement experience but is also down to the industry-leading PUE efficiency level that the two primary M247 datacentres operate at. Our PUE (Power Utilisation Effectiveness) of between 1.15-1.18 versus industry-norms of 1.6-2.0 means our datacentre customers enjoy a level of insulation from volatile global energy markets.

Running a datacentre to such a high level of efficiency is not only beneficial to our customers by reducing their running costs and volatility, but also means that the environmental impact of their IT operations is dramatically reduced by choosing to co-locate with M247.

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