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Qualified Technicians

Our level of qualified support is highly unusual and these technicians are also highly experienced in networks right up to Data centre level meaning that they don’t just understand the products, they understand the context they’re in.

Technical Sales

Having 2 qualified technicians as part of the sales team means that at the point of sale our customers are advised to the highest level having discussed the setup within which the product will go into, and given the choice and advice on any additional extras that could prove invaluable to our customers.

We Operate 24 Hours A Day

M247 Ltd maintain a full complement of staff 24/7. Running a European network and housing thousands of servers for customers in every time zone, benefits our customers as they get access to technical support, no matter what time of the day you call.

We Don’t Oversell

Price isn’t everything. We know we are competitive, but our network is not contended. We don’t “shape” your internet traffic – you know, the thing where we, as the provider, may choose that your web surfing is less important than another customers, so we make it go a little slower to give them preference. We just don’t do that. Every customer has the same priority and you can use all you pay for.

Commitment To Security

As a site which houses mission-critical data M247's commitment to security is absolute priority. We have undertaken and successfully completed the ISO 27001 Security Standard which has involved identifying every risk to the business and the assets in it's care and treating those risks to an acceptable standard. Our audit report stated that our risk assessment was “the most thorough they had seen”. All of our Security processes are detailed within our Security Policy which combined with our Security training ensures all staff are fully aware of the Security requirements.

Commitment To Quality

The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in our implementation of a Quality Management System, maintained and assessed in accordance with International Standard ISO 9001: 2008. Everyone throughout the company is dedicated to maintaining and continually improving our standards and our customers’ experience through the application of the Quality System and compliance with other relevant industry norms, regulations and statutory requirements.

Technical Support

24/7 support on
or call on 0161 615 1270

Customer Feedback

"I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending M247 for their prompt and professional customer support and competitive pricing.”

Steve Durkin - Online Merchants