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Partial BGP IP Transit

Our Partial BGP IP Transit product provides a BGP table covering around 70-80% of all European routes, and also destinations further afield.

Manchester, London, Amsterdam,
Frankfurt, Paris and Brussels

These routes are essentially the prefixes we exchange as part of our public and private peering activities in Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and Brussels. Traffic is carried end-to-end over our dedicated 10Gigabit network, resulting in blisteringly fast performance and unsurpassed levels of reliability.

This is a highly efficient connectivity service providing low-latency and low-cost routes to a large number of destinations on the Internet. This service alone will not provide full global Internet connectivity - it is intended to complement a separate BGP global connectivity service (either from ourselves or another operator).

Major potential benefits of this service include:

  • Very significant IP Transit cost savings (see examples below)
  • Increased connectivity resiliency
  • Improved route latency

Some theoretical cost-saving situations are illustrated below:

Cost Saving - Example 1*

A web hosting company based in London, with a network output of 500Mbps. 80% of visitors to their sites are based in Europe. Their traffic is split over two full 'global' BGP transit providers, charging around £10 per Mbps per month - a monthly connectivity bill of £5,000. They could realistically expect to carry 70% of their European destined traffic over our Partial product - which is approximately 280Mbps. If they were to pay £1.75/Mbps/month for our routes, their monthly connectivity bill would decrease to £2,690 - a saving of around £2,310 per month (or £27,720 per year!)

Cost Saving - Example 2*

A large internationally targeted video sharing website, with an output of 7,000Mbps. They use a number of different global transit providers, paying around £5 per Mbps per month and peer 15% of this traffic directly themselves. About 50% of their total traffic heads towards Europe and their monthly IP transit bill comes to approximately £29,750. They could expect to carry around 2,000Mbps of their total traffic via our Partial BGP service at around £1.50/Mbps/month and reduce their total monthly IP Transit costs by £7,000 - (a massive saving of £84,000 annually!).

Pricing is dependent on a number of factors - primarily the level of traffic commitment (CDR) and traffic profile. In order to ensure we can offer you the very best possible pricing, please contact us. This service is available at all our POP locations around Europe.

This service can be invoiced directly in £GBP, $USD or €EUR.

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