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Long-Haul Ethernet

Our long-haul Ethernet backhaul product is a highly cost-effective and efficient mechanism to connect two datacentres in different geographic regions (ie, different cities or even countries) via point-to-point Ethernet.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

This service is generally deployed as an 'MPLS Pseudowire', with an easy-to-deal-with layer2 Ethernet interface presentation. The service has full 'q-in-q' VLAN tagging support and can be visualised simply as one long Ethernet cable end to end. Route protection over our multiple backbone routes is included 'as standard', resulting in a highly reliable service and generous SLA terms.

This highly cost-effective service is available at any of our on-net datacentres and in a choice of capacities including: 100Mbps, gigE and 10G – as well as fractional gigE and 10G.

Our massive scale and allows us to offer the best rates in the industry - we always welcome the opportunity to beat a competitor's genuine quote, so please don't hesitate to contact us for the best possible pricing.

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