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The Amsterdam Internet Exchange, in short
AMS-IX, is the most leading Internet exchange in the world.

Interconnecting hundreds of networks

AMS-IX was founded as a not-for-profit organisation by the European Internet community back in the 1990s. Now interconnecting hundreds of networks by offering professional IP exchange services, also called peering services. Peering enables these connected networks to offer stable, fast and cost-effective Internet services to their end-users and business customers. Peering is what makes the Internet robust and resilient, a network of networks all linked together.

Additionally, peering is not limited to fixed data or traditional ISPs. AMS-IX serves a very diverse and unique mix of Internet companies including international carriers, mobile operators, content providers, hosting and cloud companies, application providers, TV broadcasters and other related businesses - all unified in one community: AMS-IX.

AM-SIX Network

M247 is a AMSIX partner and can provide membership and access to the exchange platform at any of our on-net locations – see POP list for availability

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